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April 21, 2021
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Our TEFL Certificate Course is the right step for your career move or a new professional objective. An international TEFL certification from our Buenos Aires TEFL course can be your ticket to an exciting and rewarding overseas experience by providing you with the
ability to work as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America, China, Europe and thousands of English or language schools, businesses, and language academies around the world. Get ready and prepare yourself with our TEFL course in Buenos Aires!

All our TEFL graduates have the guaranteed job placement as the most integral part of the course. You have to be a hard worker and have all your energy focused on teaching English classes and we can therefore get you either a part-time job or a full time job, whatever you prefer.
Our TEFL Training School in Buenos Aires is run by Linguists with twenty years of experience in the language school market. Our textbook has been written by TEFL TESOL specialists and recommendations and improvements by ESL specialists have been made over the years.
Along with your TEFL course, you will develop your proficiency in Spanish through the study of Spanish culture. You will also learn about teaching English and have the opportunity to teach learners as part of your regular coursework. We provide one week of
free Spanish immersion classes for all TEFL Trainees in order to help them improve the language, get settled in Buenos Aires and understand the student better.

Study in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina is a big, astonishing metropolis that is known for its European atmosphere, passionate tango, and vibrant nightlife. There is so much to see, do,
and learn in this cultural wonderland, it is hard to imagine a more entertaining city. Not to mention the demand for English teachers or English Native Teachers is higher than the supply. So, if you desire to earn your TEFL certification, why not earn it in one of the most
fascinating cities in South America? The rich and colorful city of Buenos Aires is a great place to meet people, as well as have
many memorable experiences. The city offers something for everyone, whether you're an insatiable soccer fan or have a love for the arts, Buenos Aires has it all. Another great
aspect about Buenos Aires is that it is relatively cheap in comparison with other cities of its size and stature. If you wish to teach English while traveling then Buenos Aires is a good
spot to start. The capital city is the perfect hub to travel to many of the sought after destination spots all over Argentina.

Accredited TEFL Program
Our Buenos Aires TEFL course is also recognized worldwide due to its accreditation and high caliber curriculum. We are accredited by TQUK, accreditation validation number #4619021, the State Department in the US, The College of Teachers, UKRLP,  Chartered College of Teaching, UK, among others. Our Buenos Aires TEFL Course is developed by leading teaching professionals to
meet international TEFL standards.We are the only TEFL Training Institute with a valid accreditation in Buenos Aires.This TEFL course is currently taught in various TEFL International TEFL training schools around the world. Several agencies and international cooperating organisms confirm that Buenos Aires TEFL course meets all generally accepted international standards. As such, all TEFL graduates from these programs are found to be competent and qualified candidates as EFL Instructors and their diploma is US validated in order to work anywhere in the world.

Course Content
Our school gives our TEFL trainees the qualification needed in order to teach English as a foreign or second language worldwide. Our TEFL course consists of 120 hours of coursework with also ten hours of teaching practice sessions per participant.
Our program includes 120 hour- course, International TEFL Diploma, externally moderated. Our own material, course syllabus and coursebook.

10 hours of classroom observation
10 hours of teaching practice

Continuous assessment throughout the course; academic assignments to track progress
Free Job Placement. Job Guarantee for our TEFL graduates (minimum stay 6 months)
Two examinations. These tests will measure your progress and help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will guide you and correct tests during the course.
One week, 20 hours of free Spanish immersion classes
International Diploma
Observations and Teaching Practice Sessions
With our 4 week TEFL course in Buenos Aires, each student can become a TEFL Teacher in only 4 weeks.Our course is already intensive but it provides the necessary tools to succeed in the language school industry. We have an educational agreement with renowned English language schools in Buenos Aires and our Trainees have 10 hours of English class observations with them and also have the opportunity to observe experienced language teachers at different learning contexts, either at our school or elsewhere at other English language institutes. This also provides the chance to experience a future potential workplace.

Regarding teaching practice sessions, our Trainees will have the opportunity to improve their teachings from the beginning given the fact that they will be exposed to different learning contexts to ensure that they get the most out of this rewarding educational experience. We are the only TEFL school in Buenos Aires offering our
trainees this amount of teaching practices. Because we are experienced in the language school market, we like to get continuous feedback from our former trainees who consider the teaching practice sessions the most important part of the
course because they are exposed to real world situations.
Free Spanish language Lessons
With your TEFL course, we include one week or 20 hours of free Spanish group intensive lessons. The group Spanish classes are held at our school and are available to you once the
TEFL ends. Knowing Spanish is a huge advantage for finding work as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires. Students who are able to master the Spanish language will be a step ahead
of their peers, and will easily be able to find jobs using both their new Spanish language skills and their TEFL certificate. Our Spanish courses are designed so that students
complete an entire unit in three weeks, or after 60 hours of group instruction. We teach the Spanish necessary to communicate and navigate in a variety of situations.

2021 Course Dates
Start: Monthly. 2021 Start Dates
Start date June 8th, finish date July 7th
Start date July 12th, finish date August 6th
Start date August 11th, finish date September 8th
Start date September 13th, finish date October 8th
Start date October 12th, finish date November 8th
Start date November 11th, finish date December 10th
Booking deposit of 400 USD, paid to TeachOutNow
✓ Additional payment of 1340 USD, paid to our TEFL Training School in
Buenos Aires
✓ Jobs available from 6 months to 2 years
✓ Buenos Aires monthly salary up to 650-1100 USD
✓ We recommend that you bring enough savings for your first 8 weeks of living
expenses and housing in Argentina.

TIP You don’t need to be a native English speaker, have a college degree or
previous teaching experience to take our Buenos Aires TEFL Course.
Free job placement is available for people staying from 6 months to 2 years in

Included in the Course Fee
• Class Deposit
• 4 week TEFL course
• Free Job Placement
• All learning materials
• Observations and Teaching practice sessions.
• One week of free Spanish classes at our institute
• Diploma

Included features within Total Course Fee:
• 4 week TEFL Training with observation and teaching practices with real students
• Accredited and Internationally Recognized Certificate.
• Lifelong Career Guidance. Free Job Placement.
• Housing Placement Assistance.
• ALL course materials, stationery supplies, printing and photocopying.
• Free wireless internet service inside both the classroom and the accommodation.
• Free week of Spanish group lessons
• Organization of social events

Detailed Course Content
120 Total hours of TEFL Training
The Buenos Aires TEFL course is broken up into 4 week sections. The first two weeks introduce, teach and prepare you to implement various methods of teaching. During this time you will also review the foundations of English grammar, and analyze grammatical
structures of the language which are commonly overlooked by native English speakers. The final two weeks will build on the knowledge that was introduced in the beginning of the
course and solidify your understanding of the course content through teaching observations and practice sessions. You will be able to observe and teach different levels and dynamics of classrooms such as beginner, intermediate and advanced in group and/or private settings. Before the TEFL course ends, we have a Job Placement Workshop, which is also an academic TEFL class. During this workshop, you will learn first how to write your CV
according to the standards of the TEFL TESOL market and if you wish to stay in Argentina teaching English, you will learn how to write your CV according to the standards from
Argentina. There will be some employers who normally come to our school in order to provide an introduction of how does it work for a native or non native English speaker, TEFL qualified to work as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires.There is a shortage of TEFL
qualified Teachers in Buenos Aires, so there is always work for our TEFL graduates.

Teach English in Buenos Aires
English Teaching jobs in Buenos Aires
Our Buenos Aires TEFL course will prepare you to teach a variety of English classes and students at different levels. We also offer Buenos Aires and abroad TEFL job placement and search guidance and believe in personalized customer service for all our TEFL
graduates. When you teach English in Buenos Aires, you help adult, native Spanish speakers to become better professionals or business owners.
Academic Year in Buenos Aires
Peak times to start an English Teaching job in Buenos Aires are March, April and June/July,
August and the academic year in Argentina ends in November. Your TEFL course lasts 4
weeks or 120 intensive hours with teaching practice sessions. As teaching does require some travel and preparation time on top of actual hours teaching, an English Teacher in Buenos Aires can expect to work about 30 or 40 hours per week in total. Most placements will involve teaching groups of adult business clients, adolescents, children and or younger learners.
TEFL Graduates can start working after the TEFL course but it will take one month or a little bit more taking into account the interview process. Some companies and language schools would like to try the graduates and offer them less hours in the beginning and if
they get good or great feedback they get their teaching schedule full very soon. There is a shortage of TEFL qualified Teachers in Buenos Aires so they will all have a guaranteed Teaching Job right after the TEFL course if they would like to considering the interview
process as well.What our TEFL graduates normally do in order to benefit of the USD difference and to fight inflation here is teaching English online part time, therefore getting paid in USD and the rest of the time to work for an Argentinian employer because of the
challenge as well as for the experience.

Housing Options
Accommodation through our program is optional. However, choosing the right Buenos Aires accommodation is as important as choosing the best TEFL Training school in Buenos Aires. We offer two options to meet the needs of all of our students either inshared apartments or home stays. Some students prefer the comfort and security of a homestay in Buenos Aires, while others like the adventure of being on their own. We work closely with Argentinians of all different ages, lifestyles and family dynamics, who rent room(s) in their house to our students. Not only do we handle the stress of
finding a comfortable place for you to live but you also get the chance to live with locals and practice the Spanish you will be learning in Argentina. Most students begin the first 2 or 3 months in Homestay or Shared Apartment, then move to an apartment
with their friends from school. Please take into account the minimum stay is 28 nights and you should confirm your flight details with us in order to start booking your program.
All student housing rooms are fully furnished with a private or shared bathroom, internet, and use of the common space of the house (living room, kitchen, balcony etc…).
We only offer accommodation at safe and comfortable home stays and shared apartments. The Argentinian homes we work with are selected, visited and approved by our housing staff. We normally screen all our housing options to make sure everything is
OK. These homes are in safe neighborhoods centrally located and in the vicinity of our school. Our homestay is not just about putting a roof over your head, it introduces you to and integrate you into the language and culture of Buenos Aires. For this reason, the minimum homestay is 4 weeks. You can book a homestay or shared apartment with us for minimum 28 nights or 4weeks and maximum 24 weeks.
In order to complete your accommodation booking with us, it is a sine qua non requirement to provide your flight information (exact day and time of arrival, flight
number and airline) as well as your full payment.

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